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I just want to make beautiful things!!

Nature is where I feel the most wild and free. This is a Selfie of me in one of my happy places an Eucalyptus Forest in my Hometown.

flower line drawing
melissa conde the artist
Melissa in Paris as a child

That's me at the Louvre. (not Bragging)

 Brazilian Artist and Surface Pattern Designer

My growing up could be compared to an Army Brat childhood like. My Dad was kind of  a Big Deal in the Mathematic world.

So we moved a lot to different countries and neighborhoods, Heidelberg, 4th grade at Malcom X School in Berkeley (OMG The coolest Memories) , Campinas, São Carlos, Chicago... wherever the big Universities where. 

He took many pictures and we had the best time, he was also a Painter and taught me how to draw and paint and supported me when I had the "Genius" idea to Graduate in Fine Arts at UNESP. 

Anyway, I have a nostalgic attachment to Prints and Patterns and memories, musics and colors all in my memory. That´s why maybe I think my style keeps going back to Vintage Textures, Colors and Classical or what they call it nowadays "the new Traditional"

 Cultural diversity, my work embodies  blend of traditional and contemporary aesthetics, inspired by  Brazilian heritage and global experience


                                                                       My Grandma Big Huge Influence in my life. Smart and Strong Woman .                                                                            Taught me sooooo much.... Maria Carmen.

Post Bachalor Degree in Painting with a Scholarship from SAIC 

Collaborations and Exhibitions: 

collaborated with renowned brands, both locally and internationally, to bring her unique designs to a wider audience. Fashion Illustration Art Prints , Home decor, allowing her distinctive patterns to grace an array of products. 


Featured in prestigious exhibitions and art galleries, showcasing her talent to art enthusiasts and collectors worldwide. Her exhibitions serve as a platform to engage with audiences, celebrating the cultural richness and creative ingenuity of Brazil.

Teaching and Workshops: Beyond her creative endeavors, Melissa is a passionate educator, sharing her knowledge and expertise through workshops and teaching engagements. She empowers aspiring artists and designers, guiding them through the intricate process of surface pattern design and encouraging them to embrace their unique artistic voice.

Philanthropic Initiatives: Melissa is committed to giving back to her community and using art as a catalyst for positive change. She actively participates in philanthropic initiatives, collaborating with charitable organizations to support local artists, promote cultural preservation, and empower underprivileged communities through art education.

Melissa Conde's artistic journey continues to captivate audiences worldwide, as she leaves an indelible mark on the world of surface pattern design. Her commitment to cultural heritage, innovative designs, and community engagement serves as an inspiration to aspiring artists and designers, encouraging them to explore their creative boundaries and make a meaningful impact through art.

grandma Carmen minha Avó e Ìdala
My Dad and My Mom

Dad and Mom <3 <3

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