flower line drawing

Melissa Conde is an Artist and surface pattern designer. 

She graduated from Fine Arts School with a Post Bachelor degree in painting from SAIC (The School of the Art Institute of Chicago).

Melissa grew up in Brazil where she began her journey drawing, painting, and illustrating from acrylics to watercolors.

You may know her from her Skillshare online classes or from @melissaconde_designs on Instagram.

Melissa"s artwork is focused on classical/ new traditional  pattern designs and loose watercolors and ink fashion illustrations.

Being an illustrator means having a wide range of work diversity.

Melissa draws her inspiration from the world around her, from beautiful sunny Brazil to her cherished adventures abroad. Her collection of fashion and home decor magazines, music, and memories all come together when it comes to being inspired and creative.

For commissions and licensing or if you would like to know more about my work please contact





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